In most times we are sending your purchase within 2 or 3 days (merchandise in stock). In some cases, when we need to order stuff from our suppliers, it can be up to 2-3 weeks.

Delivery time can vary, depending on country you are from. It can be from 7-10 days in Europe. If you are living in US, you can expect delivery within 10-14 days. Rest of the world can be from 10-20 days.

If you need more accurate information about delivery time, please don’t hesitate to use our questions form and we will¬†give you information about delivery time.

Shipping price

Standard shipping is a flat rate of 7 EUR for all orders in Europe! Some heavier items might be a few euros more.

Tracking your order

After your order has been shipped, we will send you by email your tracking number. You can use it on the, just put the number into it a you will see where your package is. Or you can use tracking page your national postal service, in most cases Slovak national postal service are hand over package to your local postal service and therefore you can locate it on their page as well.

If you are unable locate your order,just send us email (via contac,or chat,or fb message)  and will find out what is going on and let you know.