29.90 inc.VAT

The special feature of these armbands is that they not only inflate, but also have a built-in foam core for greater safety and stability. The central arm holes ensure that even toddlers/infants can easily keep their heads above the water.


Arm cushions of high quality in the material PVC by Aquarapid.
The round shape is specially designed to expand and stimulate the child’s motor skills.
A padded cushion inside the armrest for added safety.

Material: PVC. Free from phthalates. CE-approved

Size/weight: Up to 30kg (6 months – 6 years)
Approved according to EN71 (European standard for toys) and EN 13138: 1 – 2014 (European standard for flotation aids).
Instructions for safe use and extended durability

– This product is NOT a life-saving product, it does not protect against drowning

– The product should be seen as a tool to encourage water activities in children –
Always use under constant supervision
– Slowly lower your child into the water to to check buoyancy
– Do not leave the product in direct sunlight after use
– Do not leave the product inflated after use

Do not leave the RINGS IN the sun or in the overheated car.

The RINGS are so no seat kiss and certainly no toy.

Open your package with care, no sharp knifes.

Dont let your children bite into the rings.

Never let your kids out of sight while swimming! Only constant eye contact and your immediate proximity give the little ones security and promote well-being.